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Things you should keep in your car

Regardless of the vehicle you’re driving, it is always a good idea to have some emergency tools  handy in case your car breaks down. Nobody can tell when and where you will encounter trouble. You won’t be able to tell when the battery is running out, when you’re going to have a flat tire or

car cleaning tips

One of the essential requirements for car maintenance is to clean it regularly. In this text, you will learn how to clean your car like a pro without taking it to a car wash. Going to a car wash every day is a difficult task. It also entails additional costs for car washing services.

car air conditioning

Car Air Conditioning (AC) is known to consume lots of fuel when used. However, it is something one can’t do without using, especially during the summer. Going for a long journey will require you to put on your AC, even though it leads to a higher rate of fuel consumption.

We have come up

safe driving at night

Driving at night is without a doubt dangerous. It poses more challenges and increases the risk of accidents, deaths and injuries. Whether or not you have a problem with vision, it is extremely important to drive with precaution when you’re on the road when it’s dark.

Why? At night, people have decreased visibility making it

Driving tips

Driving is more than just placing your foot on the pedal and hitting the road. It is more than just sitting behind the steering wheel to travel from point A to point B. Driving comes with a lot of responsibility. Responsible driving not only ensures your safety on the road. It also boosts your comfort

car tires

Tires are a vital part of a vehicle as without these, people cannot go to any place they wish. Tires make the vehicle go. However, tires need proper care and maintenance as they deteriorate over a period of time. Without proper maintenance, lives can be put at stake when using dilapidated tires.

What do you
flat tires

Tires are an extremely important part of a vehicle. No matter how careful you are on the road, your tires will inevitably get old and worn down. Because tire failures can be disastrous, it’s essential to check your tires on a regular basis and see how they’re doing. While a mechanic can take a look

correct tire pressure

Cars need tires in order to work. They are also one of the most essential elements in building a car. Most car owners know a thing or two about car maintenance, but they forget to learn about the correct tire pressure. Car maintenance makes car owners see what the car needs and teaches them how

car tire rotation

The importance of regular car maintenance cannot be emphasized any further. Not only will it spare you from costly and unnecessary repairs, but it will also help increase your vehicle’s longevity. One of the critical maintenance jobs every car owner should perform is tire rotation. Regular tire rotation is important because it prolongs the life

high oil pressure

High oil pressure disrupts how car engines work. With continuous high oil pressure, car owners face hardships while driving. Oil pressure usually stays in the middle. When it rises, it shows that the car needs to be checked. If the owners fail to act on this, it results in a breakdown and possibly a wreck.

low oil pressure

Quality engine oil is vital in keeping a car’s engine running properly. The purpose of the oil is to keep the internal parts of the engine well lubricated. Insufficient oil can cause the engine to overheat. The inner components of the engine may also be subject to wear and tear because of constant friction with

car temperature gauge

When it comes to maintaining the health of your vehicle, there is one important thing you must not ignore – your car’s temperature. To monitor your vehicle’s temperature, you have your temperature gauge to look at. The temperature gauge is pretty straightforward. It shows whether a vehicle’s engine is hot or cold and indicates a

Fixing a car that won't start

People have different ways of taking care of their cars. To them, they feel the importance of something when it malfunctions while on the way to work. This disheartens most car owners since their cars bring them to wherever they wish to go, and especially if they need to go to work. More importantly, parents

Car engine inspection

Most car owners encounter engine problems that prevent them from reaching maximum efficiency. Every car owner should undergo maintenance to improve the performance of their cars. Car problems disrupt every owner’s errands they need to do.

Car brakes

The brakes are one of the most important mechanical devices in a car. It enables a vehicle to slow down or stop by means of friction. Because of the crucial role it plays, all car owners should make sure they work properly 100 percent of the time.

Typical brakes consist of disk brakes in the

Tire care tips

Your car’s tires are important and should be well cared for. When you take care of your tires, they last longer and won’t have to be replaced as often. Properly maintaining your tires improves fuel efficiency, and will save you money. Most importantly, having well-maintained tires will ensure the safety of you and your passengers.

car dashboard lights

Ever wonder what the little symbols in your car dashboard mean? Those little symbols that light up every time you turn on the ignition of your car? Well, those symbols are electronics and sensors that monitor how the vehicle is behaving. These electronics make it easy for you to monitor your car.  Some of those

car battery maintenance

Nowadays, vehicles have more electrical demands than before. New car batteries meet those demands. The battery of the car supplies the electrical current for the starter motor to crank up the engine. It provides electrical power to other accessories when the car engine is off. When the vehicle is running and the electrical load exceeds

The engine of a car is like its heart, and is very expensive to replace. By taking good care of your car’s engine, it will last much longer. There are many car owners that have owned their cars for years and their engines still run like new. How do they do it? What’s their secret?

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