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best auto loan

Planning to buy  a car but short on cash? A car loan is an excellent option to consider. Auto loans allow you  to purchase a car without being a huge burden on your finances since you can make monthly installments over a specific period of time. This is something to consider if you want to

documents for car financing

Getting your car financed is easy. But getting the loan paid off takes you back to reality. Being smart about your car purchase means looking at the process from all angles to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible. You need to take into consideration things like interest costs, the risk of negative equity you

woman signing a car loan contract

A car, similar to a house, is a huge investment. And because it involves a significant amount of money, it requires careful thinking and decision-making. But what if you don’t have enough cash to buy a car? An auto loan could be your next best option. Taking out a car loan is indeed an excellent

car ownership

Owning a car these days is no longer a far-fetched dream. It seems like almost everyone has an easy access to car ownership and driving a vehicle. And while having your own ride is an investment and convenience at the same time, there’s so much more about car ownership that not many people know about.

buying a car

Looking to own your new car? Getting your car financed creates an easy way for you to own it rather than paying for it in a lump sum. 

Most car loans require a down payment of about 20% for new vehicles, and 10% for older models. Securing a down payment not only reduces the overall

car care

Whether brand new or secondhand, a car is quite an investment. It isn’t like any other material stuff you buy and replace anytime you feel like it. And since a vehicle can be  considered a prized possession, it’s imperative that regular car care is observed to avoid serious problems in the future. Take a look

car repair

Owning a car offers several advantages. It definitely makes life a lot more convenient. However, it also comes with a price. In fact, owning a car can sometimes be a daunting task, especially when you begin facing issues. Car troubles are inevitable and they happen even when maintenance schedules and regular inspections are religiously followed.

best used car

There was a time when buying a used car was typically a hit or miss affair. It wasn’t a question of finding the best used car, or a car with the least amount of miles on it. No, your chief concern was finding a car which could get you from point A to point B

used car dealerships

It wasn’t too long ago that the idea of purchasing a vehicle from a used car dealership was considered a last resort, dictated only by a limited budget and personal credit risk. But times have changed. It’s been estimated that nearly a third of Americans have a credit score below 600, which is more than

auto loan

When it comes to auto loans, there are hundreds of different factors that you’ve probably had to take into consideration, including your own credit rating, your budget, and the condition of the car. Let’s face it, buying a car is probably one of the largest personal investments that you can make outside of buying a

car preventive maintenance

Most car buyers make it a point to maintain a new car. After all, they’ve probably put a substantial downpayment on it. They need to make certain they get their money’s worth. And preventive maintenance is key for keeping your car in showroom condition.

But a second hand car? Not so much.

But the truth

car maintenance

Whether brand new or second hand, buying a car can cost you thousands of dollars. But the cost isn’t the only reason why proper vehicle maintenance has to be taken seriously. Regular maintenance can benefit you in more ways than one. First, it extends the life of your vehicle and helps ensure your safety on

female driving

Safe driving is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Many drivers and car owners take this for granted, but they don’t realize the importance of responsible driving in ensuring the safety of themselves and everyone else who uses the road. To help you avoid unwanted injuries and accidents, take note of the following road safety

brake pads

Brake pads are essential components in your vehicle’s brake system. Functioning brake pads ensure that other elements of your vehicle, such as rotors, calipers, and discs, do not wear away. Making sure that your brake pads are in good working condition will not only save you lots of money from costly repairs, it can also

tire pressure

There is always the underlying question as to what tire pressure is recommended for your type of vehicle. A lot of drivers think that the maximum is always best, so they inflate their tires based on the maximum PSI (pounds per square inch) indicated on the sidewall. However, that is not always the case –

cars on a traffic jam

When it comes to driving, safety is paramount. One of the things that can help ensure road safety is to make sure that the brake lights and tail lights of your car are working properly. Brake lights light up whenever you step on your brakes to keep trailing motorists notified that they should slow down

Checking oil level with a dip stick

Motor oil is the lifeblood of an engine for a number of important reasons. The purpose of the engine oil is to ensure that the internal components are kept lubricated and cool. It is responsible for carrying lubricant through the cylinders so that the moving parts are protected against damage. Without fresh oil, dirt can

adding car oil

A regular oil change is one of the most essential maintenance measures needed for every motor vehicle to ensure that it runs smoothly. Oil is like the blood that keeps the motor alive. However, unlike the blood in the human body that gets purified and creates new blood cells over time, engine oils are not

Oil change

Let’s face it. Unless you’re a skilled mechanic, most of the necessary lessons about maintaining a car were never taught to you. Even a task as seemingly simple as changing your own oil can be intensive, messy and expensive. It might seem more convenient to bring your car to a specialist and let them handle

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