winter car preparation
Preparing your car for winter is the most important part of the winter season. Especially so if you own a car. Winter can be a very dangerous time of the year for those driving long distances. Even just driving around during the winter time, there are a lot of hazards that one can bump into. With December just creeping in, the holidays aren’t very far off. So, this is why it’s important to take the time to care for you and your car. Depending where you’re from and where you are, it may snow an awful lot. So, being prepared is one thing we would like you to be. Especially in the case of winter, there are a lot of accidents that can happen. More or less, there are cars that skid off the road. Sometimes, these care aren’t discovered for days. Furthermore, there are also times when cars swerve down the road and create fatalities. So, to be able to stop this from happening, you’ve
Buy Here Pay Here
Going to a Buy Here Pay Here, or BHPH, dealership may scare you a little bit. There are so many rumors and whatnots going around that they only offer high interest rates together with hidden fees. Plus, some say that they require a larger down payment. However, you’ve got to be given real information. Buy Here Pay Here dealers, unlike before, don’t work like savages that just sell you a car even if they know it’s a lemon. There are now very strict laws, both state and federal, to keep dealerships in tow for selling lemons. Plus, these same laws also make sure that the interest rates aren’t substantially higher than what you’d pay at the bank. Some people have also said they’ve had a run-in with hidden fees like administration fees, auto inspector fees, delivery fees. However, these are the people who didn’t think twice about what they’re getting into.
Fall Season Driving Hazards
The fall season is a lovely time of the year. You won’t have to clean up snow, but the weather will be perfect. Plus, there are so many holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. What’s the best about fall is that people know that it’s almost the holidays with Christmas or Hannukah just around the corner. This means spending time with their family along with long road trips. However, since road trips can happen to be able to visit the family, there are hazards that you could face along the way. So, it’s best to be prepared for these hazards. It’ll save and prepare you and other people as well. While the fall season is an amazing time to get together with friends and family, some trips can end tragically. So, to prevent this, The Auto Warehouse would like to offer some pieces of advice to help you get through your trip.
Used Car
We’ve come across many people who’ve asked whether they should get a used car or a new car. So, they look at the price difference right away. However, there’s more to a car than it’s price tag. It also requires people to look at its functionality in the person’s daily life. Plus, if they can afford a car and the gas, then what’s there to worry about? You see most people think that just because you have enough money to finance a car whether it’s new or used, the new one will always win. Why? Well, just because it’s new. But, there is, again, much more than what meets the eye. So, let’s go through the different aspects of both used and new cars. What do you consider the most when purchasing something? The price right? Let’s put it this way. What if you have the money to buy a new car?
Car Loans With Bad Credit
Buying a car with bad credit seems like an almost impossible idea. However, there are ways for you to get a car that you’ve always dreamed of. Believe it or not, buy here pay here or BHPH dealers will actually help you. They’re almost the gateway to not letting your bad credit hold you back on what you need in life. First off, let’s start with removing the common misconceptions that people have spread about BHPH dealers. The most common two being: BHPH dealers sell overpriced cars; and BHPH dealers sell overpriced cars to people who can’t afford it, so they can repossess it just to sell it again. Basically, both of these misconceptions will lead people into more debt and worse credit. Beyond that, after getting a car, soonafter, you might not even have one. Especially, after it gets repossessed.
life hacks for car owners
There are so many things you can do with a car. Besides, life hacks have been getting some attention everywhere lately. So, what life hacks do you know about cars? Getting a car loan is one thing, but how about when you own the car? You are bound to get some bruises and scratches on your new baby. Or you might not even have enough space, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of these life hacks for car owners. Fill a water bottle with drinking water halfway through. Put it in the freezer horizontally. Leave it overnight so the water freezes. The next day, you can add more drinking water and have cold water throughout the day. On really hot summer days, cool the inside of your car down by rolling the window down in one of the front doors.
car loan
There are heaps and heaps of reasons why your car loan always gets rejected. If you don’t know what they are, then you are looking at the right place. This post will give you the top five reasons you are not getting that car loan application through. From a whole slew of things, you will never guess what the most common reasons are for car loan rejection. If you are having trouble getting a car loan, try avoiding these common mistakes. If you cannot avoid them, then The Auto Warehouse can help you out. In the beginning of your loan application, you will usually fill out lengthy forms. Although the forms are lengthy, everything is checked to the dots on your i’s and to the crosses of your t’s. Therefore, if you put in unclear or incorrect information, chances are your application will be rejected.
car depreciation
Thinking whether or not you are going to buy a new car or a used car? If you’re thinking about the value of money at this point, it’s best to buy a used car. You may think that getting a new car may be wiser. That although it does cost more initially, you can get more out of it. This may be true, however, did you know that new cars depreciate as fast as 11% just as you get it and drive it home for the first time? Yes! That’s a huge chunk isn’t it. Imagine if you paid the average price of a car in 2016, it would be $33,560, according to Kelly Blue Book. So, 11% of that price is $3,691.60. Can you imagine losing that much value on your new car just for driving it home from where you bought it? It may sound ridiculously high, but don’t worry. The depreciation value isn’t like that every day.
Myths About Buy Here Pay Here Dealers
A whole host of myths endure in the world. Not all of those myths are of the Loch Ness variety. Quite a few misguided ideas hang over the heads of auto dealers. Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) dealers absolutely have to deal with prominent myths that impact customer behavior. Maybe it is time to really start addressing these false notions. Buy Here Pay Here dealers finance cars without a third-party lender. In other words, a person looking to purchase a car can borrow from the dealer. Financial institutions such as banks and credit unions may choose not to lend to a particular borrower due to credit woes. A BHPH dealer simply extends credit, which is to say the seller creates a loan for the buyer.
Duped. This is what happened about a couple of years ago to someone we just currently worked with. They bought a used car, and it was a lemon. We thought it was just perfect to help you check whether or not you’re buying something worth it. Oftentimes, when buying your first car, it’s easy to get excited and just buy one that fits your budget. However, have you ever been sold a lemon? If not, that’s good. We can even help you not buy a lemon. It is best to keep your eyes and ears finely tuned when test driving a car. Making sure that you drive the car on both a highway and local roads will help make sure that it runs smoothly. Besides running smoothly, listen to the engine and look at any electronic parts of the car.
misconceptions about buy here pay here dealers
There are numerous misconceptions about Buy Here Pay Here dealers or dealerships. The most common misconception is paying out more than what was talked about. Busting these misnomers and myths will help you see the advantages of BHPH. It is easy to be misinformed nowadays, but what better place to let you in on BHPH than us! To start, buying a car is a very big decision to make. So, before purchasing a car, there are some things you have to consider such as finances or payment plans. Although there is a certain way that BHPH dealers function, there are also some very common misconceptions about them as well. Therefore, before second guessing whether or not you should find a BHPH dealership to get your car, read this first.
bad credit car loan
There are many things you have to consider before signing a loan. Beyond that, you might also be thinking of getting a cosigner to help even out bad credit. However, knowing the pros and cons of having a consigner on a bad credit car loan may help you rethink things. Sometimes you will just have to check everything. If you think your credit score is bad but not that bad, maybe you are still eligible to get a car loan without a consigner. In other cases, you will have to find a cosigner for your car loan to be approved. This proves that your credit score does not meet the requirements for you to take out the car loan yourself.
car loans
Have you been thinking of getting a car through a loan? Do you have the upper hand? Having the upper hand is one of the things you should consider. So, before eyeing a specific car you really want, eye for the best car loan first. Having knowledge about car loans will provide you with great information about interest rates on both new and used cars. When you have a choice, you can choose the best option for your budget. If you find it too much of a hassle to call up lenders to find out information on auto loans, the 21st century has provided the internet and Google to be your friend. You can just go online and find the nearest lenders to you. Viola! You’ve got yourself some information on car loans. It’s not that easy though.
refinancing a car
Refinancing is a cost-effective way of saving yourself some money. In car refinance, you will be able to shift your current loan to a new lender. The process involves having the borrower’s payments, dues and all, paid by the new lender to the one prior. This is usually considered when you find a loan with a better rate of interest then the one you currently hold. Furthermore, if you have a bad credit score, this scheme can benefit you. You can repay the dues while saving money. Although the car acts as a collateral, lenders will still have to be approved of the loan amount. Furthermore, car refinance may not be for everyone, but don’t be disheartened. It can be a convenient way to save you money on your car.
car finance
Well, we can easily break this down. Are you self-employed? Are you looking for a way to secure finance for a car or your next car? If you answered yes to those two questions, then you’re reading the right post. When you’re self-employed, it may be difficult to prove your income. Lenders often look at your form of income when they assess your car loan application. Car loans may sometimes be out of reach, most especially if and when your business is still new. This isn’t something to worry about though. There are ways you can get yourself a car loan. You may be wondering how you would qualify for a car loan. All they need to look at is your credit score and history, income and employment and your debt to income.
auto loan
Choosing an online auto loan may seem like a great way to save some time while reducing the hassle that often comes with applying for an auto loan in person. Unfortunately, it’s easy to run into scams if you look for a car loan on the web. Although online loans may offer some advantages, the many scams can make navigating online lending difficult. Make sure you protect yourself by learning how to identify online auto loan scams when you’re ready to purchase a used car. Here’s a look at some of the big warning signs you need to know. One of the big warning signs that you may be dealing with an online auto loan scam is that the company asks you for upfront fees. You may be asked to pay processing fees, taxes, initial repayments, or other fees by these companies.
indirect loans
Your car is going to last only so long. It’s a fact of life that we all have to upgrade our vehicles sooner or later. That is true even for those of us who would prefer to not spend extra for a car loan on a monthly basis. There’s a certain amount of excitement involved in getting a new car. The looks, the style, the power—but there’s also a certain amount of trepidation involved. How much will it cost and how will you pay for that? What will the terms of your loan be? Will you be able to find a car dealership that is reliable and reputable and reasonable to deal with? If you're ready to trade in that old car and move on to something bigger and better, the odds are good that you're seeking out the best auto financing that you can get.
auto brakes
Routine auto brake inspections are absolutely imperative when it comes to vehicle maintenance and safety while driving. If automotive brakes are neglected, there could be extremely costly and dangerous repercussions. Each vehicle has a special auto brake system inspection schedule. Upon purchasing an automobile, it is critical that you learn when the auto brakes were last inspected and when the brakes are due for another schedule. In addition to ensuring that you follow the recommended manufacturer maintenance, it is crucial that you learn the signs that may indicate that your vehicle requires a brake inspection.
Buy here pay here dealer
If you have ever had the experience of shopping around for a decent secondhand car, you will almost surely have visited at least one buy here pay here dealer at some point. In fact, you may have been to several such dealerships, and if that is the case, you will no doubt have discovered just how frustrating and how disheartening it can be. Countless secondhand car dealerships across the country make promises, which in the end, turn out to be totally misleading, if not a complete bunch of lies. Quite often, once you’ve seen a car that you like, the price suddenly changes, or you discover a bunch of hidden charges.
Leasing is quickly becoming a popular way for motorists to get a new vehicle. If you are reading this guide, it is quite likely that you know and understand that leasing a vehicle is different than renting or buying one. Essentially, this is a special type of arrangement where you pay a designated leasing company for the right to drive the car for a specified amount of time. The payments that you provide to the company do not aid in the accumulation of equity in the vehicle. The payment is simply a means of getting approval to drive the vehicle. At the beginning of your lease, you are likely to incur numerous fees. These include title fees, security fees, and acquisition fees. Ultimately, leasing is a waste of money. There are several reasons why buying is better than leasing. In this brief guide, you will learn about 5 of those reasons.
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