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Important Questions To Ask A Used Car Dealer

Used Car DealerThere are many people who have bought used cars realized later on after the actual purchase that there were actually a number of questions they wished they could have asked. They wanted to know that they have made the right decision with the car they have chosen.

It is never easy to buy a car, especially when you opt to go for a used one. You do not only have to consider the price, but you also have to check the quality of the car. While this can be a stressful phase, there are some things that you can do to make sure you are making the right choice.

Here are some of the important questions you need to ask your car dealer to make sure you are getting the car of your dreams.

1. Can I check the mechanic’s pre-certification inspection?

This question is important to ask because this is one way for you to make sure that the car has really been inspected. The documents will also show you if there was anything that had to be repaired or fixed. It will be a good reference in case you encounter problems in the future. These papers will also help you see the mechanical condition of the vehicle and whatever future services the car may need.

2. Who was the owner of the car?

It is important for you to know some information about the previous car owner. If you can get the maintenance records, it will be much better. If the vehicle was not directly bought from the previous owner but rather from an auction, make sure that you have your own mechanic perform an inspection.

3. How long can I take the car for a test drive?

Before you even begin with the negotiation, make sure that the things you are looking for in a car are met by doing a test drive. The dealer should agree to it, otherwise, it may not be a good decision to get that car.

4. Has the used car gone through any service under the dealer?

The used cars may have been sitting on the car dealer lot for a couple of weeks or months, and it is important for you to know if there were any repairs or maintenance done while the vehicle is in their hands. It is crucial for you to know these things because this will determine the possible costs you will be spending in the future.

5. What the return policy of the dealership?

While you cannot get your cash back in any dealership, some customer friendly dealers may give you ample amount of time to rethink or reconsider your purchase.

6. How much is the cash price for the car?

Wherever you go, the price should be a lot cheaper if you are purchasing using cash. There should be a certain percentage you can take off the original price if you are going to pay through cash instead of financing. However, most dealers are able to make money through financing so you may also go ahead and ask what kind of consideration they will be willing to give for doing financing.

7. Is there going to be any new equipment that will come as a part of the purchase?

Some dealers give away a few freebies as part of the purchase, so it may pay to ask, too.

8. Do you also consider trade-ins?

If there comes a time when you need to sell your own used car, you will need the help of the dealer to make things a lot easier for you, especially when you find it difficult to do the selling.

9. Do you have any demos for sale?

This is an important question you need to ask if the car that you are looking for is something that is almost as good as new. Some dealers offer the option of the demo cars that are being used for test drives. Many dealers also sell their demo vehicles so it could be a good buy. You will still be able to enjoy a new warranty as soon as you purchase the new car, so you might want to consider it as well.